Dubai Visa Rules and Regulations

General details about Dubai visa rules and regulations and it various kinds, continue to be the following. However, these rules are susceptible to change and for that reason, it is very important that you get these regulations verified by the nearest United Arab Emirates embassy or travel agent or from your airline before travel or consulate.

According to Dubai visa rules and regulations people from 33 nations don’t require it travel to United Arab Emirates. People of United Kingdom, France, Europe, Germany, Italia, Belgium, Holland, Luxembourg, Portugal, Sweden, Denmark, Austria, Ireland, Greece, USA, Finland, Malaysia, Monaco, Vatican City, Norwegian, Andorra, San Marino, Iceland, Canada, Hong Kong, Liechtenstein, Japan, Brunei, New Zealand, Singapore, Columbia and holders of Australian passports are going to be granted an entry visit visa on arrival.

Dubai visa rules and regulations

It should to be noted that this list is susceptible to change and for this reason it is better to seek advice from your airline or from United Arab Emirate embassy before visiting.

Citizens from Gulf Cooperation Council nations also don’t need a it to visit United Arab Emirates. They only have to produce their Gulf Cooperation Council country passport at entry in United Arab Emirates. However, people visiting there for job, will need a it that could be acquired through their sponsor or employer. The type of visa needed for entry in to the United Arab Emirates relies upon several factors for example nationality, reason for travel, time of stay etc.

AGCC Citizens are those people who aren’t GCC citizens, but have a highly qualified and professional status for example Company Managers, Auditors, Engineers, Doctors, Pharmacy technician or employees employed in public sector, their family members, private staff sponsored by them, are qualified for non renewable thirty days permit on arrival.

Dubai Visa Rules and Regulations for Applicants

Passport should have minimum six weeks validity during the time of using to have an Entry Permit.All photographs should be color photographs and also recent.According to Rules for Dubai Visa, Individuals who’re already within the UAE are not able to get a new entry permit until he or she leaves.

Entry Permits

DNRD issues different types of visas. The different kinds of documents needed also depend on situation. An entry service permit is relevant towards the following groups as well as their families, for example Company Managers, Sales Managers, Account Auditors, and delegations from organizations or institutions to handle commercial activity within the United Arab Emirate, also consultants searched through the UAE companies to do certain urgent tasks.

Implementation of UAE Visa Rules

 Inquiry about UAE visa rulesAccording to UAE Visa Rules it must be used within fourteen days from issue date and it is non renewable. These kind of entry permits are only issued for urgent reasons, and also the holder may enter and leave the United Arab Emirates through any airport terminal. The work permit may also be acquired by ethnicities approved to acquire a tourist visa, according to the choice through the Ministerial Council.

Presently the decision has been made to delay the implementation of the new Dubai visa rules and regulations. It allows these to stay for two months. It is renewable for time of 3 months for a small fee of few hundred AED. We can help you get all the information you need regarding the rules and regulation. Our qualified and professional experts know all the insights from the very beginning of the application process till getting your it confirmed.