Dubai Residence Visa

Our company helps you on every aspect related Dubai residence visa through employment inside the United Arab Emirates. If you’re planning to maneuver to United Arab Emirates for establishing your company there, you’re certainly going for a very productive step which will confirm your maximum business exposure. We’re here to supply you maximum and expert consultation for allowing you to start your personal business in UAE. We have a working understanding of the practices of local authority.

Reliable Dubai Residence Visa Service

We provide you with solid base which will give you surety of your commercial presence there. Together with the process of the company formation, you’ll be endowed with UAE residence visa to really make it sure that you’re the resident of United Arab Emirates and may carry your company as lengthy as possible.

dubai residence visa forms

The greatest benefit of getting this type is you can be sure about your long-term remain in United Arab Emirates. By lowering the effort of locating the ways by which you can get a Dubai residence visa, we will save you a lot of time. We have developed professional solutions which enables us to get all the things done properly and on time. You’re just required to read the conditions and terms of our organization. The residents of GCC are not required to have it on arrival. People living in countries other then the GCC can go to the United Arab Emirates with many different types. Foreigner wanting to have employment within the United Arab Emirates must obtain UAE employment visa that are released through the United Arab Emirates Secretary for Labor while for residency you have to get in touch with the Department of Immigration. It is valid for 3 years – renewable for further three-year period. Residence visa Dubai can also be granted to family member. Presently no quota is enforced on UAE immigration.

Documents Required for Renewal

Documents required to renew a Dubai residence visa include a valid passport, a residency renewal application placed through the employer, a duplicate copy of the expired one, any adverse health certificate in the preventive medicine department, a duplicate from the medical health insurance card, a duplicate from the employer’s commercial license if it’s a personal company, a duplicate from the applicant’s Emirates ID card or registration receipt, as well as an attested marriage license for couples. Employees within the public sector require a valid passport, a renewal of application placed through the sponsor, a duplicate from the former Dubai residence visa, any adverse health certificate in the preventive medicine department along with a copy from the medical health insurance card.

Procedure for Getting UAE Residence VisaLife imrovement with UAE residence visa

Procedure for getting UAE residence visa may be tricky and challenging job for you as not everybody understands it. Our organization using its professional consultants is able to ensure high level of smoothness during the entire process. Our aim is to provide you Dubai residence visa to ensure that you are able to start up your company anywhere in United Arab Emirates. You won’t face any restriction as you’ve got the evidence of being resident of United Arab Emirates.