How to Avoid UAE Residence Visa Cancellation

Posted on Aug 23, 2013 in Residence Visa

UAE Residence Visa is essential to legally live in Dubai. For most of expatriates entering Dubai, the organization that utilizes them will sponsor for any UAE Residence Visa, together with work card or visa. A Property Visa is essential for opening a banking account, driving license and many such reasons. Here are some tips to know about UAE residence visa cancellation.Dubai residence visa cancellation

Expiry / cancellation of Residence Visa

Expiry of Residence Visa happens when your residence visa becomes invalid. There’s a noticeable difference between ‘expiry’ of residence visa and ‘cancellation’ of residence visa. Residence visa Dubai generally becomes unacceptable on expiry. However, UAE residence visa cancellation is definitely an active procedure, which must be done, even when the visa has terminated. Therefore, both of these terms shouldn’t be confused.

Cancellation of Dubai residence visa is often taken proper care of by the organization or sponsor. Otherwise, go to the UAE Immigration Department, which released the visa, together with your passport, and offer it for cancellation. Spend the money for requisite fee and obtain the typing works done. If you’re overseas, the cancellation shall be done, but, the sponsor will need to go to the department, in your account, with a minimum of a duplicate of the passport.

The UAE Federal Law states that individuals with valid residence visas within the UAE, who leave the nation for a lot more than half year time, may face the trouble of Dubai residence visa cancellation. They’ll then need to re-go into the country.

Cancellation of UAE residence visa is for those who have spent 6 month period out of UAE. Your Organization Professional can use to have an approval from DNRD. Legal documentary proof must be provided for example medical certificate, or particular documents needed by DNRD. It is best to use per week just before expiry of 6 month period. Usually, this really is contacted-Pass, and it is granted to those who have genuine issues beyond what they can control, for example individuals reported below.

Exception towards the Rule

You will find only a few specific exceptions for this rule, for example individuals pointed out below:

Foreign wife of the UAE national, if she’s on his sponsorship.

Domestic assistants associated a national, who’s studying abroad, or going through treatment abroad.

Expatriates travelling abroad for treatment, provided, they’re sent through the UAE government department, or work with a government department. Regardless, a medical report with approval in the UAE Health Ministry or Medical Services from the UAE Military, or UAE Police is needed.

Employees of diplomatic and consular missions within the UAE, and domestic assistants associated them.

Expatriates used in the UAE Public Sector, based outdoors the UAE, in their job, or are now being sent overseas for training reasons.

Whatever, the situation might be, the easiest way out, would be to contact the appropriate UAE Immigration Authority, just before entering the UAE, in order to avoid any issues when re-entering the nation.

UAE Residence Visa Cancellation

Usually your employer can arrange cancellation of the visa and residence visa, when it’s time to leave UAE or when altering jobs. The process involves closure of accounts, charge card cancellations, rescheduling telephone monthly subscriptions, electricity and water accounts, leaving company lodging, and all sorts of that’s underneath the employer’s sponsorship.

However, if you are planning to carry on residing in the UAE, you’ll have to negotiate and discover a way of retaining accounts, telephone lines etc., together with your employer. However, if you’re working within the UAE Free Zones, your employer as well as your sponsor won’t be exactly the same. Your sponsor would be the free zone authority, and for that reason, the authority will result in all of your loose finishes, although your employer will help you too.

Documents Needed for Work Card / Visa Cancellation

  • Sponsor’s Passport copy
  • Original Passport from the backed worker
  • Three copies of application for cancellation made by typing agents, using the form duly signed through the sponsor and getting the business’s seal
  • Copy of multinational card
  • Copy of business license
  • Air-ticket fare (when the worker is within default), or perhaps an entry permit to change his status

Documents Needed for Residence Visa Cancellation

  • Original passport from the backed worker
  • Two copies of approved cancellation certificate through the Work Ministry
  • Copy of valid commercial license
  • Copy of multinational card

Cancellation of Family Residence Visa

For those who have a household beneath your sponsorship, UAE residence visa cancellationit’s mandatory to cancel the household Residence Visa, before beginning the job permit cancellation process. The documents needed for cancellation of family residence visa are:

  •  Original passport from the backed member of the family
  •  Three copies of approved cancellation certificate by typing agent
  •  Sponsor’s passport copy

Dubai Residence Visa Cancellation while Changing Job

When altering job in Dubai, residence visa need to be cancelled first. On acquiring the NOC from your previous company, you will be able to transfer the sponsorship to your current employer and obtain new permit released by MOL.

By now, you don’t need to have cancellation of family residence visa under your sponsorship when altering employment. Rather, you’re needed a bank guarantee of five thousand dirham’s for every member of the family to DNRD.

Cancellation of Dubai visa cancellation is essential for re-admission to UAE along with other Gulf Cooperation Council countries, and also to keep away from any needless complications later on. In case you haven’t informed your employer regarding your departure formally, you could be found with trouble regarding your UAE residence visa cancellation and may also be declared as absconding, which can lead to ban on Dubai visa for any specific term.

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