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Posted on Jul 2, 2013 in Dubai Visa

A ban is really a legal mechanism that stops a homeowner or perhaps a worker from re-entering the nation, or from accepting a situation with a brand new employer for any fixed time period, usually for half year. Below are some Dubai visa ban types and also some useful ways of visa ban lifting.

Ban on Permanent Residency

A residency ban is generally enforced for serious work offences committed, particularly intended for illegal or absconding employees, illegal aliens or charged felons. The government immigration department keeps personal files of fingerprint and retina scans of banned people.

Dubai Work Visa Ban

A work ban is generally given underneath the following conditions:

  •  When your contract expires with no action has been taken from your current employer relating for your employment with a different employer is declared you.
  •  When you terminate a limitless work contract before finishing twelve months and services information.
  •  When you terminate a restricted work contract before its date of expiry.

How to Prevent Work Visa Ban

To avert being banned, you need to make sure that your current employer has had appropriate action to increase your employment contract using the Department of Work, just before expiry of the work contract. If you’re going through employment change, make sure that your sponsorship continues to be moved towards the new employer else, your Work Card is going to be cancelled, or perhaps be banned.Dubai Visa Ban

Just in case, of the absconding worker, the business will need to file an absconding situation to obtain the Dubai visa from the worker cancelled, and also to switch the worker. Otherwise changed, still, the absconding situation must be filed, to obtain back the refundable bank guarantee taken care of the worker. However, becoming an absconder, this kind of worker is going to be blacklisted and won’t be granted any type of visa to go in UAE later on. Just in case the business does not file an absconding situation from the missing worker, according to UAE Work Law, at least one year ban would be relevant.

Dubai Visa Ban Types

You will find various restrictions. Expats and site visitors might be exposed for an entry ban and/or perhaps a work ban, based on what they’ve done while they’ve been within the UAE.

UAE Immigration Ban

UAE immigration ban declines permit to go in the United Arab Emirates, regardless of if the person expects to go in like a customer or residency. Causes of an immigration ban might be anything varying from the legal during UAE, to the common offences that expats might get into, for example money owed, returned cheques, consuming in public places, consuming and driving, thievery, rape, violence, and inappropriate associations. Criminal offences are often responsible for permanent immigration ban.

Actually, an immigration ban could be given even when you’ve just damaged the rules relating to Dubai immigration laws and regulations, for example entering the nation unlawfully, or working with no visa, overstaying your visa, absconding without telling your sponsor etc.

Dubai Employment Ban or Work Permit Ban

An employment ban and work permit ban are the same. Many of these imply that you’re not allowed to operate within the UAE for any specific time period. A work ban might be for six several weeks, twelve months, or permanent.

6 Month Employment Ban

A 6 month ban is enforced instantly, whenever you leave employment with no justification. The ban is enforced on supplying a piece permit or work card enforced by Work Ministry (MOL). A 6 month work ban doesn’t, however, affect permission to go in UAE. You are able to enter on the visit or tourist visa. A 6 month ban is going to be enforced on all instantly, unless of course they’re underneath the one-year ban category, or are excused in the ban.

12 Months Employment Ban

A 1 year ban is mainly enforced if your worker resigns just before completing limited period contract. Just in case of 1 year ban or permanent work ban, you’ll be restricted from even going to the United Arab Emirates. A 1 year ban is going to be enforced underneath the following conditions:

  •  Cases where expatriate employees leave government jobs.
  •  Cases where expatriate employees break the relation to their work contract and/or even the work law.
  •  In cases when expatriates lose a situation with UAE work department against their employer, when they were on temporary visa, because they had filed a complaint with work department.
  •  Also, possibly in instances where employees leave their jobs inside a year of joining.

Getting New Work Permits during Work Ban

Dubai Visa Ban LiftingCompanies can start processing work permits for banned employees just before completing ban, facilitating faster problem of work cards. It is because, the Secretary of state for Work, instantly blocks new programs following the expiry of ban period.

Dubai Visa Ban Lifting

You’ll be able to avoid a ban/ lift a ban by having to pay a charge, just in case you’re moving in one sponsor to a different. This differs from rescheduling your Dubai residence visa. It’s not obvious if your NOC from employer is essential for processing this. But, for correct details of Dubai visa ban lifting fee (which might vary based on certain jobs), it is best to check on using the work department helpline from the emirate you’re employed in.

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